Top 10 Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers

Raised access flooring systems are popular in modern construction. This flooring enhances your office’s elegance and luxury. They are famous for their heat resistance and sound-damping effects. Choosing the best raised access flooring manufacturers is the key to a perfect flooring solution. 

So to make this decision easy for you, here we bring a comprehensive guide to them. We highlight ten key players who transformed this industry.

So, let’s find out the market leaders in raised access flooring manufacturers.

Tate Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers:

Tate has completely changed the way we think about raised floors. They set unique standards in quality, designs, and luxury. They use a modular design that combines underfloor air distribution and cable management. These flooring are easy to install and customize.

Tate’s materials are very tough and durable. They use strong steel and engineered wood in their panels. These materials make the boards solid yet light.

What makes Tate unique is their innovative airflow technology. Their raised access floors have unique grates and diffusers that help air move well under the bed. This makes the air quality and temperature better inside the buildings. 

raised access flooring manufacturers

Haworth Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers:

Haworth’s raised floors blend advanced technology with creative design. Their products combine different materials carefully chosen for both function and style. They use composite solid materials to make panels that can hold heavy loads without bending.

Haworth stands out because they care about how people feel. Their raised floors have unique air systems under them that make indoor air better and use less energy. This intelligent technology fits perfectly with their design ideas, making rooms comfortable and healthy.

Haworth also cares about how things look. They offer many different finishes for their floors, like natural materials and modern patterns. This makes it easy for designers to create the bases that match the room and look great.

What’s different about Haworth is how they make things easy. Their floors are made of pieces that fit together easily. Overall, Haworth makes intelligent, stylish, and easy-to-use floors.

raised access flooring manufacturers

Kingspan Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers:

Kingspan is well-known for its top-notch raised access flooring systems. These systems are famous for their excellent technical features, materials, and clever designs. They pay close attention to details and use advanced engineering to ensure their solutions work well. They use composite solid materials in their panels, which makes them tough and long-lasting, even in busy places.

Kingspan is also really good at coming up with new designs. They have lots of different panel finishes that look nice and work well. Kingspan uses wood and stone patterns, shiny metals, and glossy finishes that fit different building styles. They also have systems that help with air quality and saving energy, and they make sure cables are organized neatly.

Kingspan cares about the environment. They use materials that can be recycled in their flooring systems. This property helps make construction more eco-friendly. Kingspan is an excellent choice if you need dependable access flooring; it works well and looks good.

raised access flooring manufacturers

ASM Modular Systems:

ASM Modular Systems has a fresh way of thinking about raised access floors. They use intelligent materials and techniques for quick setup and changes. This unique tech, plus their commitment to quality, lets ASM offer flexible solutions. These work great for the fast needs of modern construction projects.

raised access flooring manufacturers

Polygroup Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers:

Polygroup stands out with its advanced technical features for its raised access flooring solutions. Their systems have innovative materials that make them strong and long-lasting. Polygroup is really into research and development, as seen in their use of solid particle board cores. These cores can handle heavy loads, which is great for busy places.

Polygroup’s products also have bright design parts that make them work better. The panels are made precisely so they fit together easily and stay stable. Maintenance is simple, too. The materials used for finishing not only look good but also stop the products from wearing out, so they last a long time.

raised access flooring manufacturers

CBI Europe Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers:

CBI Europe is all about top-notch quality. They use unique materials like strong particleboard and tough steel finishes. These materials make their floors strong, stop vibrations, and resist fire. They also really like to customize things. Architects and engineers can pick from many finishes, like fancy laminates and stone looks. 

One cool thing about CBI Europe’s stuff is how they handle cables. They’re smartly designed to hold many wires for power, data, and talking without messing up the floor. This quality means no mess, easy fixing, and can change things for new tech. CBI Europe’s raised beds are more potent than usual. They can hold heavy stuff, which is perfect for modern offices.

CBI Europe cares about making things good for the planet. They’re helpful partners for architects, engineers, and builders who want unique raised floors that are strong, last long, and can change when needed.


RKR Systems:

RKR Systems is known for its strong focus on technical precision and engineering excellence. They stand out because of their unique technology that combines strength and adaptability.

Their access flooring solutions use advanced materials that can bear heavy loads. Their products also provide fire resistance and noise reduction. RKR Systems’ designs have ingenious interlocking mechanisms for quick installation and easy maintenance. They also customize solutions for managing cables while keeping the structure strong.

The company offers various finishes to fit different interior designs. They are trusted for making strong and lasting access flooring for essential places.


Senso Flooring Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers:

Senso Flooring stands out due to its careful material selection. They offer a wide range of textures, patterns, and finishes. These not only provide a good feel but also have practical functions. They have soft, comforting surfaces as well as bold and dynamic ones. These properties show their dedication to making spaces that people connect with.

Technology is also a big focus for Senso Flooring. They cleverly include underfloor systems that manage cables. This keeps the look of a place nice while handling technical needs. They show how technology and eyes can work together for modern needs.

Senso’s flooring is more than just coverings. They become part of the story of a building. By blending feelings with usefulness, their designs make people feel attached to spaces. Be it a productive workspace or a calm area, Senso Flooring changes places into experiences.


Nesite Raised Access Flooring Manufacturers:

Nesite stands out for its unique feature: using advanced air-cushioned tech on floors. This tech makes the floors comfy and quiet by absorbing shocks and sounds. Nesite’s designs look modern and practical, fitting with today’s architecture.

Their raised floors are super strong and work for many places like offices and data centers. Nesite cares about making great products paying close attention when they make them.

Website isn’t just about tech – they’re flexible, too. They can change their floors to match what a project needs. This helps architects and designers make their ideas real.


Buro Happold:

Buro Happold is known for caring about saving energy. Their particular floors help buildings stay warm or cool, which uses less energy and costs less money. They believe in taking care of the environment when they design buildings.

Buro Happold also thinks about reducing noise in buildings. Their raised floors have materials that soak up sound and clever engineering to stop noise from spreading. 

Buro Happold wants people to be comfortable in the places they make. They design floors that work with underfloor heating and cooling systems. Their designs help keep the temperature and air fresh so everyone can be happy and do well.



The world of raised access flooring is exciting and full of new ideas. Manufacturers in this field focus on the latest technology, materials, and practicality. These ten companies show the variety of options available. They are shaping architecture by offering products that meet specific industrial needs.

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