Top 10 Enamel Pin Manufacturers

Enamel pins have become more than just accessories. They’re detailed art pieces that let people show what they love and who they are. Choosing a perfect hook for your personality is a severe headache. As some Enamel Pin Manufacturers focus on quality, some care about designs.

So, we are easing the decision for you. Here in this guide, we look at the ten most popular companies known for their unique styles, advanced technology, and memorable hooks. These enamel pin manufacturers are experts at making metal and enamel into beautiful wearable art.

 Let’s explore this exciting world of making enamel pins.

Winks For Days enamel pin manufacturer:

Winks For Days is excellent at making enamel pins. They’re all about making pins that are super cool and fun. Their hooks have moving parts like sliders, spinners, and hinges. This quality makes their nails extra unique because you can play with them. People who collect pins like them and people who wear them enjoy how they work.

Winks For Days also cares a lot about the environment. They do more than just the essential things to be eco-friendly. They use materials that are good for the Earth, like recycled metals. Even the packaging they use breaks down naturally.

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Lapel Pin Planet:

Lapel Pin Planet makes pins that connect with nature. Their designs show plants and animals helping the environment. They care about the Earth and use eco-friendly paints. The company focuses on sustainability, and for that reason, it also makes plant dyes. They use cool technology, too – wearers can learn more with augmented reality. This addition makes wearing pins fun and educational.

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Badge Bomb enamel pin manufacturer:

Badge Bomb is unique in its styling; the company collaborates with many artists. These artists come from all sorts of backgrounds. Together, they make pins that are like tiny art galleries. These pins show off lots of styles and stories.

Badge Bomb helps artists by giving them a platform. They don’t just make pins. They also support the larger art community. Each pin tells a story. It shows what the artist wanted to say. This art makes Badge Bomb unique. The company focuses on art, design, and awareness.



Lapel Pin Mafia:

Lapel Pin Mafia makes distinctive pins, and their domain is sustainable and durable materials. They use unusual materials like leather, rubber, and fabric, creating different textures than the usual metal and enamel.


Their designs are influenced by street culture and urban style, appealing to those who like uniqueness. They also want to break the rules in making the pins, trying out anodizing and laser engraving for unique looks and textures.

Lapel Pin Junction:

Lapel Pin Junction has a unique talent for blending old memories with modern twists. They take classic designs and add new colors and details to make enamel pins. Each pin takes you back to good times and connects you to the past.

They also create vintage-style packages that add to the experience. These packages keep the pins safe and remind us of the past. They pay attention to the little things that make the whole experience great for collectors.

Lapel Pin Junction’s pins are not just accessories. They let you travel through time and feel the past while looking modern. Their pins combine the old and the new, like retro games and famous movies. People from different backgrounds can enjoy them and talk about them.

In a world where trends change quickly, Lapel Pin Junction keeps the past alive with its designs that fit today.

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Pinsanity enamel pin manufacturer:

Pinsanity’s pins show their dedication to creating captivating stories on enamel. Their designs resemble snapshots of detailed scenes, clever wordplay, and creative puns. Each pin is a tiny story, inviting people to imagine.

What sets Pinsanity apart is how they design. Raised metal borders give their pins a 3D look. These borders add texture and depth, making the pins feel real. Pinsanity’s pins aren’t just accessories – they’re interactive art to touch and admire.

The mix of stories and touch makes Pinsanity’s pins unique. They aren’t just art to wear; they start conversations. Pins with scenes or wordplay make people curious.

When people wear the pins, others get curious. This quality leads to chats about the design and its story. In the world of nails, Pinsanity is a great storyteller. They turn enamel pins into doors to imagination and chatting.


Lapel Pin Superstore:

Lapel Pin Superstore stands out for its great flexibility and focus on personalization. They’re skilled in pin styles, from classic hard enamel to softer textures like soft pins. But their specialty is custom pins. These let customers bring their unique ideas to life. Lapel Pin Superstore is all about quality and attention to detail, from detailed logos to intricate character designs. They make sure each custom pin tangibly reflects individuality and creativity.

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Liz Harry enamel pin manufacturer:

Liz Harry’s pins represent luxury and style. They use top-quality materials like gold plating and natural gemstones, making their designs like jewelry. Each pin is carefully hand-painted with precise details.

Their pins combine fancy looks with references from pop culture, attracting people who like elegance and nostalgia. Liz Harry’s pins are like wearable art – classy, nostalgic, and skilfully made.


The Punky Pins enamel pin manufacturers:

Punky Pins stands out with its rebellious and creative style. Their pins have clever sayings, empowering messages, and bold designs that go against the norm.

Their pin collection shows they celebrate diversity and inclusivity, boldly saying self-expression matters. Apart from their designs, Punky Pins works with artists and social causes, using their pins to give a voice to marginalized groups and make good things happen.

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Zap Creatives enamel pin manufacturer:

Zap Creatives redefines enamel pin manufacturing through its embrace of cutting-edge technology. Their use of laser cutting and 3D printing adds a dimension of texture and depth to their pins, creating tactile art pieces that transcend traditional flat enamel pins.

This innovation is particularly evident in their intricate designs, which often incorporate complex layers and contours interacting with light and shadow. Zap Creatives’ pins are not just accessories; they are tangible experiences that engage multiple senses, bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

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Enamel pins have gone beyond their primary use and now serve as a canvas for creativity and a way to express oneself. This article showcases enamel pin manufacturers who display various ways pins can capture interests, evoke feelings, and celebrate uniqueness.

These companies have taken enamel pins to a new level, making them wearable art that appeals to fans and collectors. They achieve this through modern technology, art partnerships, and custom designs.

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