Top 10 Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Top 10 Plastic Pallet Manufacturers.


Welcome to the World of Excellence: Top 10 Plastic Pallet Manufacturers.

When choosing plastic pallet manufacturers for your business, the most important thing is to find reliable, durable, and efficient ones. To help with this decision, we have a list of the top 10 manufacturers. These manufacturers are prominent for their outstanding products. These companies have earned their reputation by providing high-quality, sustainable, innovative pallets.

In this review, you’ll find companies known for their advanced materials and innovative production methods. They offer a wide range of products for various needs in different industries. Some focus on heavy-duty solutions, while others are eco-friendly options. These top picks cater to many requirements and initiatives.

Come along on an exciting journey as we explore the top leaders in plastic pallet manufacturing if you have been in the industry for a long time or are a new growing company. This list will help you find the perfect pallet solutions that match your needs. Join us to shed light on the frontrunners and discover the best options for your business.

ORBIS Corporation:

ORBIS is a famous plastic pallet maker in North America. They have many pallet options, like stackable and nestable ones. These pallets are made from good-quality recycled materials, helping the environment.

Its unique way of making pallets, called structural foam molding, sets ORBIS apart. It makes the pallets look nice and makes them solid and durable. Because of this, the pallets can handle extreme treatment, heavy loads, and harsh industrial places. Customers benefit from a long-lasting and cost-effective product.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Rehrig Pacific Company:

Rehrig Pacific Company is good at making plastic pallets. Their pallets have applications in various in different industries. They are based in the USA and have an excellent reputation for using HDPE material to make their pallets. This material makes the pallets tough and able to resist damage from impacts and chemicals.

What sets Rehrig Pacific apart from other companies is how much they care about improving things. Their pallets are lightweight, making them easy to carry and move around. Their pallets help businesses work faster and save money on labor costs. They also think about the workers and ensure the pallets are comfortable and safe. This quality allows everything to run smoothly in the supply chain process.

Rehrig Pacific always wants to improve and make things even better. They focus on quality, ensuring their pallets work well and last long. They also care about being eco-friendly and not wasting resources. This quality makes them a top choice for businesses looking for robust, easy-to-use, eco-friendly pallets.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

CABKA Group Plastic Pallet Manufacturers.:

CABKA is a famous plastic pallet maker in Europe. They have many pallets, including ones made especially for specific needs. What’s great is that You can recycle their pallets repeatedly. They care about the environment and sustainability. The unique thing about their pallets is that they can handle hot or cold weather. That’s why they work well in different industries and climates.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Greystone Logistics:

Greystone Logistics is a well-known manufacturer in the US. They make plastic solid pallets from polyethylene, which can carry heavy things. These pallets are of high quality and can be new or recycled. The company is unique because it uses an advanced injection molding process to make the pallets. This process ensures that the pallets are always reliable and consistent in their quality.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Q-PALL Plastic Pallet Manufacturers.:

Based in Europe, Q-PALL is a critical player in the plastic pallet industry. They produce a comprehensive range of pallets designed for diverse applications. Using HDPE and PP (polypropylene) materials. their pallets offer excellent strength and resistance to chemicals and moisture.
Q-PALL’s distinguishing feature is its hybrid pallets. These pallets combine the benefits of both plastic and wood materials.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Craemer Group Plastic Pallet Manufacturers.:

Craemer Group is a well-known European brand. They make different kinds of plastic pallets, including hygienic and export models. These pallets are made from virgin HDPE material, which makes them solid and reliable. What makes the company special is that it focuses on precise molding. This quality helps them create pallets with exact dimensions. As a result, these pallets fit perfectly into automated systems.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Litco International:

Litco, a USA-based company, makes eco-friendly plastic pallets called Inca brand pallets. The company makes its pallets through a unique molded process using recycled wood and plastic materials. Combining these materials makes the pallets solid and able to withstand impacts. The fantastic thing about Litco’s pallets is that they are very lightweight. Litcos pallets help lower transportation expenses and reduce their environmental impact.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

AUER Packaging:

AUER Packaging is a European company famous for making plastic pallets. These pallets are perfect for different manufacturing industries because they are made from a strong and durable material called virgin HDPE. HDOE ensures the pallets are of very high quality and can last long.

What makes AUER unique is its ability to customize the pallets for each customer’s needs. This AUER means businesses can get pallets just suitable for what they require.

AUER Packaging is a reliable choice for businesses that need sturdy and personalized pallets that can handle the demands of various industries.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Monoflo International:

Monoflo International is a company from the USA well-known for its plastic pallets. These pallets are lightweight and easy to handle and for transportation. They are made from strong HDPE material to carry heavy loads. Its creative designs, like pallets with built-in drainage systems, make the company unique. These special pallets help keep things clean in the food and drink industries.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

IGPS Logistics:

If you need pallets for a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical company, IGPS is an excellent choice. This USA-based company makes pallets using substantial foam molding and 100% virgin HDPE material.

Their pallets are durable and perfect for places where cleanliness and strength matter most, like the food and pharmaceutical industries. IGPS has a variety of food-grade pallets, each with its benefits, like being lightweight and able to handle heavy loads.

IGPS’s integrated pallet-tracking Technology makes it unique, which lets you see where the pallets are in real-time. This Technology helps manage the supply chain more efficiently.

Plastic Pallet Manufacturers


Choosing the right plastic pallet manufacturers is crucial for durable and long-lasting products. In this comparison, you can learn about sustainable materials and designs. Each company has its unique style, offering many options for reliable pallet solutions. As you progress in your industrial ventures, we hope this review helps you make informed decisions and partner with the best in the industry.

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