IPX waterproof rating

In order to detect the product’s waterproof rating, we often use different rain testers or rain test chambers to carry out. For different waterproof levels, you should use different test conditions. Here are the IPX waterproof rating and main test conditions for your reference:

IPX waterproof rating chart

Grade codeExperiment methodTest flow conditionTest duration requirements
IPX0No test needs to be tested————
IPX1The shell is placed on the turntable1+0.50mm/min10min
IPX2The shell is placed at four fixed positions for 15 degrees3+0.50mm/minFour tilted positions 2.5min
IPX3Rain in the range of + 60 degrees in the vertical direction, the maximum distance of 200mm, or in the range of + 60 degrees in the vertical directionEach hole 0.07(1±5%)L/minor 10(1± 5%)L/min10min 1min/m2at least 5min
IPX4Same as the IPX3 test, the angle is in the range of + 180 degrees in the vertical directionSame as IPX3Same asIPX3
IPX4KWith the vertical direction of 180&deb; the range of water, and the maximum distance of 200mmEach hole 0.6(1±5%)L/min10min
IPX5The diameter of the nozzle is 6.3mm, and the distance is 2.5~3m12.5(1± 5%)L/min1min/mat least 3min
IPX6The diameter of the nozzle is 12.5mm, and the distance is 2.5~3m100(1±5%)L/min1min/m2at least 3min
IPX6KThe diameter of the nozzle is 6.3mm, and the distance is 2.5~3m75(1±5%)L/min1min/m2at least 3min
IPX7Using a submersible, the water surface is at least 0.15m above the top of the shell, and the bottom of the shell is at least 1m under water.——30min
IPX8Using a submersible box, the height of the water surface is negotiated by the manufacturer and the user——Negotiation by both parties
IPX9KRotation speed (5 + 1) r/minWater temperature (80 + 5) CWater pressure (8000~10000) kPaAt the 0, 30, 60, and 90 degrees, the spraying of the spaced sample (100~150) mm(14~16)L/minEach angle position is 30s, a total of 120s

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